Chipstick D4 Glue PU Foaming Chipboard Flooring Adhesive

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D4 Glue - The Chipstick D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Glue is a one-component, high waterproof wood adhesive designed for bonding the board to the joist, as well as within the tongue and groove joint itself.

One adhesive does all - our D4 Glue saves time and money for the installation of chipboard flooring.

Suitable for interior and exterior use, once applied D4 Chipboard Flooring Glue produces a foaming action causing the adhesive to foam out of the joints creating a ridge that enhances the protection of the joint – this can be easily removed once the floor is complete leaving a rigid bond that helps prevent squeaky floor boards.

Chipstick D4 PU Chipboard Flooring Glue has 100% water resistance and good thermal resistance (up to 140°C). (meets the requirements of EN 204 & has D4 water resistance class.)

D4 Glue - Chipstick Features and Benefits:

  • Adhesive expands to fill voids
  • Excellent for interior & exterior use
  • Weather & waterproof formula
  • D4 water resistance approval EN 204
  • Ideal for bonding Chipboard Floor Boards to the joist
  • Ideal for bonding Chipboard Floor Boards together within the tongue and groove joint

Usage Guide: Standard 22mm chipboard – 5 boards per bottle

D4 Glue, also suitable for bonding:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Stone
  • Concrete
  • polystyrene foam
  • Glass wool
  • Rock wool
  • PU foam
  • several plastics (interior / exterior applications)

Size: 1KG