SDS Hammer Drill - 1500W SDS Plus Drill


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SDS Hammer Drill

SDS Hammer Drill, roto-stop chisel and normal drill modes. 5.5J impact energy with 4350 impacts per minute.

Variable speed 0-880rpm. Built-in safety clutch. Includes 8, 10 and 12mm SDS masonry bits, 1 x flat and 1 x point chisel. Includes 13mm keyed chuck, grease, dust guard and durable blow-moulded case.

SDS Plus Drill

SDS Plus drills have been developed over the years to become the rugged, heavy duty tools that they are today. 

SDS Hammer Drill Key Features

The chuck system clamps the bits tightly, preventing them from working loose and becoming damaged or snapping.

The Silverstorm SDS Plus Drill is powered by a gutsy 1500W motor, specially designed to drill into and chip away masonry when the hammer action is engaged. Needless to say; if it can drill masonry then it works effortlessly on wood and metal, this time in standard drilling mode when using the supplied 13mm chuck. A chiselling action is accomplished through a flick of a switch which, when activated, allows the user to chip away at materials with a motorised version of a hand chisel and hammer.

With 5.5kg of weight helping to produce the 5.5J of power, this Silverstorm tool won't shirk a challenge. No load speed is variable between 0-880rpm and the hammer action produces up to 4350ipm, while the built-in safety clutch prevents damage to the bits and workpiece, as well as injury to the user.

Compatible with all masonry bits, points and chisels with an SDS Plus fitting, including Silverline 930164 and 633750. The Silverstorm SDS Plus Drill is supplied with an array of accessories including 3 x masonry bits (8, 10 & 12mm), 1 x chisel, 1 x point, a 13mm keyed chuck, dust guard and blow-moulded carry case.

SDS Drill

Weight 5.5kg.