18V Angle Grinder 1x4Ah


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18V Angle Grinder 1x4Ah

Need an angle grinder that does the job flawlessly? Well by reading further, you will find out cool this grinder actually is! 😎

What is an Angle Grinder?

An angle grinder is a handheld tool used for grinding and polishing different surfaces and materials. Not only does it to the above, it can also cut different types of metals and concrete materials. Angle grinders can be powered in different ways (electric or traditional). This one is electric.

Features & Benefits

  • 18V powered
  • 4Ah powered
  • 2 hour fast charger!
  • Suitable for grinding, cutting and sanding tasks
  • Suitable for use with wire cup bushes and wire wheels for rapid removal of rust and corrosion
  • Includes keyless adjustable safety guard
  • Includes a 3-position auxilary handle
  • Compatible with 115mm discs

That's a whole lot of features and benefits for a product so if this hasn't convinced you, what's missing? 


  • Black/Blue/Grey ⚫🔵


Sometimes you just need a quick tool that does the job nice and simply, well bingo! Hitting the jackpot is rare but when you do, it's a cool feeling! Although this is different, you've won the angle grinding jackpot, trust us! 

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