18V Li-Ion Battery


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GMC 18V Li-Ion Battery - A High Capacity Battery

Are you here because you need a powerful GMC 18v 3ah battery? Well you've reached the right page. GMCs 18v Li-Ion Battery is a high capacity battery with a purposeful usage. 

A GMC 18v 3ah li-ion battery compatible with various different chargeable products and/or shared power system tools, it's ready to be used. You have 3 different sizes of amp hours to choose from:

Amp Hour Sizes (AH)

  • 1.5Ah
  • 2.0Ah
  • 3.0Ah

We almost forgot to mention, the GMC 18v Li-Ion Battery also has lightweight cells AND a built-in charge level indicator.

What is a charge level indicator?

It's a built-in feature that allows you to monitor and check on your batteries health essentially. 

Not only does the 18v battery have all this included as a part of the kit, it's also orange and black

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