3-Digit Combination Car Security Safe Box

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Car Safety Securing Box

Been on the receiving end of a car or vehicle break-in? Or perhaps you want to be that step safer in case it happens...  Whatever the reason, you're doing a great thing, grabbing a cheap but effective security combination box is better than potentially losing your phone, wallet or personal items.

What is the Combination Safe Box?

As the title suggests, this car security box is a 3-digit combination car box that allows you to store many different things. Some include wallets, keys, phones, sat-navs, glasses, watches etc. It also includes a 900mm steel tethering cable which is basically an attachment that allows you to clip it onto something.

Features & Benefits

  • Made of solid steel
  • 100% portable
  • 3 digital combination (quick enough for you - long for them)
  • Soft interior lining
  • Very lightweight and very easy to transport
  • Can hold various different small belongings 
  • Has a 900m steel tethering cable attached
  • Ideal for cars, camper vans and caravans but is not limited to these

Who thought a small combination box would have so many awesome features and benefits? Not me!


  • Black (Outside)
  • Light Grey (Inside)


  • 200 x 160 x 60mm (L x W x H)


A 3 digit combination car securing safe box designed with portability, versatility and adaptability in mind. It is made of solid steel and is lightweight, easy to transport, small and safe! It's even designed nicely for comfort, what's not to love? By having one of these, you're making sure that your belongings are always safe.