Bandy Clamps 2pk


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Large, Tear-Resistant Bandy Clamps

Do you need something that can apply tension and power?

What are Bandy Clamps?

Think pliers combined with pegs... These are proprietary rubber band made from a tough, tear-resistant material, with 3 extra-strength splines. They also have large ultra-grip clamp pads which hold very tight without slipping. 

They also have pivoting jaws which accommodate angled pieces and allow full pad contract regardless of stock thickness. A good thing to know about these bandy clamps is that the tension is adjusted by stretching the clamp further into the material. For additional information, wood glue easily flakes off the rubber band material which means it will be quite easy to clean up.

Features & Benefits

  • Material is proprietary rubber band for great grip
  • Made from tough, tear-resistant material
  • Have large, ultra-grip pads 
  • Amazing grip standards (no slipping)
  • Allows full pad contact regardless of the stock thickness
  • Very easily cleanable
  • Tension is also easily adjusted
  • Has pivoting jaws to accommodate angled pieces

What was the above about you ask? Well it's a bullet point version of the paragraph above this!


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large


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A pair of greatly made and thick bandy clamps with stunning tear-resistance as well as adjustable tension application. They have the highest quality update with countless features and benefits!

There's not much room to miss the mark on this one, grab some whilst you still can!