ALIEN TAPE Heavy Duty Waterproof Cloth Duct Tape - 48mm x 25m - TWIN PACK


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SKU: SP221-004825-X2-BLACK STICK2


Alien Tape

Performance never before seen in this galaxy

From a galaxy far, far away comes a high quality Duct Tape that takes stickiness and versatility to a whole new dimension... Alien Tape. Its mission: to firmly stick where no tape has stuck before.

With the strength and intensity of a Vulcan death grip, Alien Tape bonds well to glass, wood, fabric, underlay, polythene, damp proof membrane, stone, tarpaulin, polypropylene, tiles, ceramics... and a whole multitude of other Unidentified Flapping Objects.

Reported sightings confirm that Alien Tape is tough, durable and able to withstand close encounters with water, UV rays and almost anything else the universe can thrown at it.

Size: 48mm wide x 25m long - TWIN SAVER PACK (2 ROLLS)

Available colours: Black, White & Silver