Cross Cut Sled Drop-Off Platform


SKU: 918267 Toolstream


Sled Drop-Off Platform

Combined with our Crosscut Sled (which can be bought separately), this platform will provide true zero-clearance support on both sides of the blade for safe, splinter-free cuts. By keeping drop-off pieces from sagging at the end of the cut, it prevents them from splitting off unpredictably, and from getting jammed in the throat plate. Easy to use - just slide it into the mitre track and lock in place with a single screw.

Benefits and Features

  • Can be combined with other specific products
  • Provides zero-clearance support on BOTH sides of the blade, making you splinter-free
  • Preventing of an unpredictable drop-off
  • Easy to use (descriptions advises you) 

This product puts your safety first. 🦺