Dust Right? Auxiliary Hose Port Set


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Auxiliary Hose Port Set

These two auxiliary ports complement those already included in the Expandable FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit. The inside diameters are slightly smaller, allowing you to fit the dust hose onto an even wider variety of tools. As with the originals, the flexible rubber stretches slightly, and conforms easily to oddly shaped ports. The other end of each port threads securely into the stretch hose included with the FlexiPort Power Tool Hose Kit.

Benefits & Features

  • Inside diameters are smaller allowing for work arounds
  • Fits into various different tools
  • Rubber stretches slightly, making it easier to conform into oddly shaped ports

Please Note: The two FlexiPort hose systems—12' Fixed-Length and 3' to 12' Expandable—are NOT cross compatible. FlexiPorts with the black threads fit the Expandable Hose only, and FlexiPorts with the grey collar fit the 12' Fixed-Length Hose only.