Extension Pole


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What is an extension pole?

An extension pole is something which adds length to certain products for example, a paint roller. It is designed to perfect your reach so you don't need step stools or ladders. Extension poles are generally 1-3m tall giving you a high reach capable of touching high skies. 

What is this specific extension pole?

Our extension pole is made of steel and has a couple of different sizes, being 1.1 - 2m and 1.6 - 3m. This gives you two great options and distances on how tall you need to go, both cheap too! 


  • 1.1 - 2m
  • 1.6 - 3m

Most individuals use extension poles for things like painting or window cleaning to get them over that height they've been struggling with. Another example is that is can be used to get high shelf items down. As said, there are many purposes for an extension pole that you would perhaps not have thought of before. 


  • Painting
  • Window Cleaning
  • Telescopic Pole

The overview of all the benefits of this extension pole

For a extension pole, they can do a lot as described. They provide you great access to high areas you wouldn't normally be able to reach plus the awesome length they can get to without the need or stools, chairs or ladders which can be more dangerous. 

This extension pole also has a few other key features that may be useful to you. It has a twist and lock adjustment as well as universal screw fitting plus a tapered push-fit adaptor (22-28mm).