Folding Box Trolley

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Storage Box Trolley

Luggage, luggage, luggage... We presume you need some kind of moving helper to get you places? We think this will be perfect then!

What is this Folding Box Trolley?

You may have seen them before but maybe not... This trolley serves as a carrier of storage and can easily fit in a vehicles boot. It has smooth-rolling rubber tyres and a adjustable telescopic handle. You can place DIY tools, electricals and more into this thing, it's awesome and saves you a lot of time!

What are the benefits of this Storage Box Trolley?

  • It's very lightweight
  • Folder down completely for storage or carrying purposes
  • Re-opening process is fast and easy
  • Smooth rolling rubber tyres & a adjustable telescopic handle
  • Easily stored and accessible in the boot of a vehicle

Why say no? I mean, it's perfect!


  • 25kg in weight
  • Height is 315mm
  • Length is 310mm
  • Width is 330mm


  • Primarily black with a hint of blue


Do you need a transportable carrier with great features? We believe this is it for you! Silverline's storage box trolley is foldable, accessible, lightweight, strong and has some awesome wheels attached. 

Imagine you working away at one desk but are needed at another... How are you going to carry all of your tools over with having to come back for each and every one without wasting a lot of time. This foldable trolley will cut you so much time!