Builders Tape Measure (Box of 12)

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Our Heavy Duty Tape Measure

Silverline's tape measures are here to do the job, designed in blue and made to boom, it's your long-lost companion you've been waiting for. Every builder/construction worker needs a tape measure to find the lengths and widths on various different materials so why not continue your journey here? 

The builders' tape measure is fitted with lots of awesome perks, which are listed below:

  • Rugged rubber-grip case
  • Brake and auto return
  • Durable and coated plated
  • Double-riveted tip with wraparound reinforcement
  • Both internal and external length measurements
  • Easy to read, acknowledge and use
  • Graduation marks with highlighted joist marks every 16"
  • Wrist strap and belt clip

With eight fantastic perks, this tape measure is unlikely to impress but instead, making your life both quicker and easier. 

What are your sizes of the Builders' Tape Measure?

As one of the best tape measures around, it would be bad to only offer one size. We have a few sizes to work with and these will be listed below but first, we must remind you that these tapes are not sold independently but rather, in a box of 12. There's being sold in boxes of 12 whilst also having different sizes per box so there's no need to worry. 


  • 3m x 16mm
  • 8m x 25mm
  • 10m x 25mm 

We hope you like these awesome 🔵 builders' tape measures as they're certainly worth it.

Any Final Benefits?

Yes. It's a big yes benefitting you big-time. If you consider getting some heavy duty tape measures, you will be saving a lot of money overall compared to alternative options, but is dependent on how you need. Perhaps you could surprise some friends with some Silverline tape measure, brightening their day, right?

Other Tape Measures

Is a box of 12 tape measures too many? Well before you go, it's worth noting that we have many other tape measures in our store sold singularly and in different sizes if this is worth taking a look. To make it easier for you, the link below will show you our great range!

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