Heavy Duty Pipe Bender Kit 3pce


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Heavy duty pipe bender with tubular steel handles and robust cast aluminium formers. Bends 15 and 22mm copper and aluminium, and 15mm light-grade stainless steel tube up to 180°. Can be used bench-mounted, clamped into a vice, for easier pipe bending. Tool length 745mm, improves ease of operation. Compatible with Silverline's anodised aluminium Pipe Bender Guides (Included)

Heavy duty tubular steel handles & robust cast-aluminium formers

Bends 15 & 22mm copper & aluminium & 15mm light-grade stainless steel tube up to 180°

Suitable for most common plumbing, heating & refrigeration tube sizes

Can be clamped into a vice for easier pipe bending

Includes 15 & 22mm anodised aluminium guides