Plumbers Gas Torch Kit Bag


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Require Additional Storage Plumbers?

As a plumber, we both know that life can be difficult on the job especially with so many tools and equipment to carry around with you. 

What is so special about this bag?

Rejoice! This bright red and black kit bag is a great storage holder for many pieces of equipment. It's tough, durable, lightweight, water resistant and it has many awesome features included...

Features & Benefits 

  • Tough, durable, lightweight & water resistant
  • 600D ballistic nylon construction 
  • Fits up to x4 maps and other gas cartridges, torches and other tools
  • Includes a zip closing, elasticated strap and elastic loops
  • Has a front pocket for mobile phones, pliers, screwdrivers etc.
  • Suitable for transporting soldering, welding and brazing accessories


As a red and black plumbers' kit bag with many awesome features and benefits, it can be hard to say no. I mean, it looks great right? It's tough, durable and even water resistant meaning you can work around water or have water present and your tools still won't get wet! You also get closed zips, front pockets, elastic loops, adjustable shoulder straps etc. 

Trust us - this Dickie Dyer bag can be a life-saver, giving you a lot of choice. The storing of your plumbing equipment will NEVER be any easier than it is now...