Silverstorm 900W Electric Hoist 500kg


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The Electric Hoist 500kg by Silverstorm

Are you looking for something that is blue, powerful and powered by electricity in your product? If that's a yes, you're in for a treat...

The Electric Hoist 500kg is a brawny machine designed to lift and lower various different objects in a vertical direction giving it great levelling and stability. This electric hoist by Silverstorm performs at 900W and is fully capable of lifting and lowering 250kg to 12m, or full 500kg to 6m high (using supplied return pulley). 


  • Performs at 900W
  • Capable of lifting/lowering up to 500kg
  • 250kg to 12m or a full 500kg to 6m
  • Max Lifting Height is 12 M

What type of objects are allowed on this Electric Hoist 500kg?

Electric Hoists are mostly used for lifting and lowering various different things but this can depend on the strength of your electric hoist which in this case is 500kg. An electric hoist 500kg would be able to lift quite a lot including materials, objects and other things that are as heavy as 500kg or below. Imagine how much you could life when the bar is this high! 


  • Materials
  • Objects
  • Handheld Items

Remember, as long as your object is 500kg or less, the machine can handle it.

What are the other benefits of the Electric Hoist 500kg?

The Electric Hoist 500kg by Silverstorm provides you with all the latest tech including a safety button (also known as the 'big red button' or the emergency stop switch). With the emergency stop switch, you will be protected by a simple push of a bright, coloured button designed to stop immediately after being pressed. 

It also has a push-button, which allows you to control the electric hoist. You can go slow or fast, you can go up or down and you can also do what you want, when you want. 

To end this section, it also has a auto switch-off lever which means you will not need to turn it off manually. 

Other Benefits?

  • Emergency Stop Switch
  • Automatic Turn Off
  • Full Control (slow, fast, up, down, etc.)

A top quality piece of machinery ready for usage...

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