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Extension Poles with lengths capable of reaching the North Pole? 🐨

Thomas Greaves02 July 2021

Maybe we exaggerated that a little...

We have an extension pole ready to spin its way to your hands. 

Have you ever wondered what you can extend with an extension pole? Well there's quite a handful of things. A few examples include the following:

  • Painting Equipment
  • Window Cleaning
  • Telescopic Poles

There's also more simpler things such as getting things down from high shelves meaning your stools, chairs and ladders will be needed no more which is much better for your safety too! 

You forgot to tell me about your sizes?

We have two sizes for you to work with, 1.1 - 2m and 1.6 -3m.The reaching capabilities are endless, it's almost as if you can touch the clouds with this thing! ⛅

  • 1.1 - 2m
  • 1.6 - 3m

Is that all there is to the extending pole?

The answer to this is no. Not only does it have all of the above under it, it has more including a twist and lock adjustment as well as a universal screw fitting plus a tapered push-fit adaptor (22-28mm). 

Surely this is it now?

Yes! If you are interested in this product and want further detail, then please click on the link below which will send you to our official product page which has multiple images too. 

Link to the Extension Pole: Extension Pole | Industrial Supplies Store | STICK2 Products 

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