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Need A Precise And Perfect Wood Planer? Could We Entice You A Little More... 🪓
Need A Precise And Perfect Wood Planer? Could We Entice You A Little More... 🪓
Nov 27, '20

Thomas Greaves

Triton Thicknesser (1100W & 317mm) This Triton Thicknesser planer, which performs at 1100W and for wood up to 317mm in width size is a working powerhouse which is capable of chopping all your wood boards just like that. It is very popular due to it's outstanding performance, quickness and effectiveness so if you're...

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Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes
Need Some Cleanliness In Your Life? Then Take A Quick Read 🧼🧽🧹
Nov 20, '20

Thomas Greaves

Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes Our Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes are here for you. We sell tubs full of surface wipes with the options being 100 or 300 (depending on your situation) and they work incredibly quick. These Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes can be used for cleaning up mess for the following. Adhesives...

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