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Feeling Uncomfy? Will A Pair of Thick Winter Socks Sort It? 🧦

Thomas Greaves29 January 2021

Why These Thick Winter Socks?

These socks are not only cheap for our customers but also highly effective at keeping your feet and toes warm. They come in many sizes and a couple of colours so you have different options to choose from if you're someone who wants their feet to look good. Who could pass on a good pair of Thick Winter Socks in today's climate? 

What are the perks of these warm socks?

  • Dual layer construction with outer shell consisting of a high wool content
  • Inner layer is anti-odour, anti-fungal with insulation and moisture transfer properties
  • Retail Tag & CE Certified

Warm Feet Socks for everyone!

These thick winter socks are literal problem-solvers, keeping your feet warm in todays horrible weather. If you're the type of person who like snuggling up indoors or even outdoors, these socks may instantly become your new favourite pair! Imagine having these on your feet right now rather than those worn out ones from your drawer... 

Warm socks for men and warm socks for women! You can even share them 🧦 (or maybe not) 

Our Thick Winter Socks are made for you!

Imagine yourself on a cold, wet day, with these socks on... it would feel like you're in front of the warm, cosy fireplace... Doesn't this sound like a dream? You could make it a reality for such a low price! These thick winter socks will never NOT impress! 

Do You Need More Than Our Thick Winter Socks?

We have loads of socks for you to choose from but we also have loads of other accessories and clothing such as hats, gloves, jackets, trousers, goggles etc. If you want a virtual shopping spree, our products are sat waiting for you.

Here is a link to these Thick Winter Socks:

Extreme Cold Weather Sock (Thick Winter Socks) | Industrial Supplies Store | STICK2 Products

Here is a link to all of our clothing, accessories, PPE and more:

Shop PPE - Personal Protective Equipment & Misc at STICK2 Products 

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