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Line Marking Paints and Applicators

Chris Bourne02 August 2019

Line Marking Paints by Aerosol Solutions availalable at STICK2 Products

Line marking is essential for many areas, in organizing workspaces; factories, warehouses, loading bays, goods,  vehicles, people, work zones, car parking, play areas etc.

We take a look at some of the painting products / Line marking paints which are used for above-mentioned purposes.

Linemarker Paint

Aerosol Solutions provides a range of durable, acrylic-based paints, which provide with a hard wearing coverage. These semi-permanent line marking paints, which are used for road marking purposes, marking playgrounds, warehouses, car parking, playing fields, golf courses and many other purposes you might need help to mark out and define are available in a range of colours.

Spraymaster 2

Keeping a still hand with spray line marking paints is a tricky job sometimes, the Spraymaster is best for circumstances such as this. A thoughtfully designed, handheld paint applicator with an efficient trigger, enables for hassle-free and easy application and is designed to fit a 750ml can of marking paint. Using this Spraymaster will elevate any kind of wrist twisting or pressure on the fingers if you are set out to carry a time-consuming task with the paint, as the Spraymaster is designed perfectly to fit in your hand for accurate hand movement.


The Voyager line applicators are able to hold a can up to 750ml. A line marking paint applicator designed with 2 wheels for swift and less time-consuming line marking, and a 4 wheeler version designed when extra stability is asked for. for instance, when grass marking is required, 4 wheeler paint applicators provides  more improved stability and control.

 The Linemarkers are designed with the capability of carrying the standard 750ml  line marking cans with ease, which are often used for time-consuming tasks and elevate strain on the user (when compared with simply holding the can directly). With a 2 wheeler or the more stable 4 wheeler Spraymaster, makes the task easier, more efficient and less time-consuming.

Linemarker Paint White

The acrylic-based paints are available in seven different colours, while all of them provide a hard coverage paint for any desired surface. The most popular choice is often white coloured line marking paints, often used on roads, for lining playing fields for tournaments or golf courses, for clarity and clear definition. A voyager II or IV can be used to mark lines along the roads or grounds for less time-consuming and neat and stable work.

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