Alien Glue - Waterproof Adhesive For Wood, Glass & More - 500ml


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SKU: SP7010-500ML STICK2


Extra-strong, extra-versatile and extra-terrestrial alien glue!

Alien glue is a universal glue that bonds to all types of materials and is a 100% waterproof. With a foaming gap filling formula, it has been designed to grip to glass, wood, metal, plastic, ceramic and more; making it versatile enough to be used as either a DIY glue or craft glue. The foam glue adhesive expands to fill and seal all cracks in the space time continuum and can withstand weather from all solar systems. Its strength does not dissolve, even when exposed to extreme outdoor temperatures and conditions.

From a galaxy far, far away, the supernatural and super strong adhesive glue takes stickiness and versatility to a whole new dimension. Alien glue has landed on planet earth and decided to stick around!

Its mission is to firmly stick where no adhesive glue has stuck before.

With the strength and intensity of a Vulcan death grip, Alien glue really is a strong glue for everything. Made from 100% alien gloop and stomped on by aliens very own feet, Alien glue presents the perfect sized bottle of stickiness. It has an anti-clogging cap to prevent the glue from drying out, making Alien glue last for an extra-ordinary length of time compared to other adhesive and glues.

Reported sightings confirm that earthlings are over the moon with the new Alien glue. So, get stuck in and grab your bottle of glue today.

  • Exceptionally strong glue
  • A little glue goes a long way – meaning minimal mess and great value for money
  • 100 % waterproof adhesive, made from unbreakable bonding agents
  • Versatile: bonds to a wide range of materials such as plastic, metal, stone, glass, concrete and more
  • Long lasting – comes with an anti-clogging cap to protect glue from drying out
  • Multipurpose: has been used as a wood glue, mosaic glue, craft glue and much more
  • A foaming expanding formula, perfect for sealing gaps and cracks