General Purpose Waterproof Duct Tape


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SKU: SP201-002550-BLACK STICK2


Waterproof, strong and easy to apply and tear, our general purpose waterproof duct tape is an economy grade duct tape suitable for professional, domestic and everyday use.

Consists of a polyethylene laminated cloth, the duct tape is coated with a strong pressure sensitive rubber adhesive, meaning the duct tape not only provides excellent waterproofing, but is also well suited for sealing applications as it conforms well to irregular surfaces and features a strong high tack adhesive.

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 Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to appy & tear
  • High tack adhesive
  • Waterproof & great for sealing
  • Excellent general purpose duct tape for the home or workplace
  • Ideal for professional or domestic use
  • Available in black or silver