High Strength Brick & Patio Acid Cleaner - 5L


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Bond-It High Strength Brick and Patio Cleaner - 5L

A double strength brick and concrete cleaner.

What is Brick & Patio Cleaner?

This product is a super strength (16% hydrochloric acid) brick and patio cleaner that will remove both cement and mortar splashes from brickwork, paving, concrete floors and warehouses. For removing cement and mortar splashes, light oil stains and grease from brickwork, paving, tiles, earthenware and concrete. 

What should it not go with?

This cleaner should not interfere with the various types of concrete and stone (except limestone and marble) commonly encountered in the general building area. Efflorescence can also be removed by using this product diluted.

Application Process

  1. Test a small area beforehand to ensure the solution is perfect
  2. Ensure the acid cleaner is diluted to recommended levels
  3. Apply the acid cleaner using a brush
  4. Wait / allow to stand for 10-15 minutes before any more altering
  5. Do NOT allow it to dry out
  6. Scrub with a stuff brush then rinse thoroughly with a hose pipe 

Additional Information

Can be used undiluted for stubborn stains. Note: this product will attack limestone, marble, stainless steel and aluminium.

Need More Help?

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