Indoor or Outdoor Painters Grade Masking Tape - 14 Day Clean Removal

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Polyhanging and Seaming Tape 60 x 25m

Polyhanging and Outdoor Painters Tape is designed to mask off surfaces and hold strong to plastic sheeting surfaces, allowing for clean removal with no adhesive residue or surface damage. This unique tape features ‘Hybrid’ technology giving it the durability of plastic, yet tearing easily like paper. Also suitable as a high quality indoor and outdoor painters masking tape.


  • Easy tearing across the tape
  • 14 day clean removal
  • UV resistant
  • Indoor/outdoor
  • High Adhesion to Plastic
  • Extra Wide for Easy Installation
  • Perfect paint line


  • Exterior Painting
  • Protecting
  • Hanging, connecting and holding plastic sheeting


  • Overall Grade: Exterior masking/ Painter's Grade
  • Backing: New nano-grid technology composition
  • Adhesive: Non-solvent, specially modified UV stable adhesive -"intelligent" formulation

This seaming tape is very strong tape for plastic due to it's core elements shown above. Not only is this poly tape cheap but it's also strong at what it does and is great at protecting and resisting. 

Size: 60mm wide x 25m long

Is this poly & seaming tape sounding perfect to you or is it something that you're not too interested in? Well we have hundreds of tapes in our store therefore you will most likely find what you're looking for there! Here's a link to our tapes page:

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