1/4" TCT Router Bit Set 12pce


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TCT cutting edges and strong, hardened steel shanks. Includes: Straight: 6 x 20mm, 12 x 20mm, 16 x 20mm; 90° grooving: 12.7mm; 45° Dovetail: 12.7mm; 45° chamfer: 32mm; Bearing flush trim: 12.7 x 13mm; Rounding over: R6.3 D22.2mm, R9.5 D28.6mm; Cove box: R6.3 D12.7mm; Cove: R6.3 D22.2mm; Roman ogee: R4 D25.5mm.

TCT cutting edges

Strong, hardened steel shanks

Broad selection of bits for varied tasks

Includes straight, grooving, dovetail, chamfer,

bearing flush trim, rounding over, cove box, cove & Roman ogee