18V Random Orbit Sander 125mm


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18V Orbit Sander 125mm

Need a sander that is strong and used to smoothen multiple surfaces? Cool, this sounds like the right one for you! Not to mention it is 18V & 2Ah. The more you read, the more you'll find yourself investing more love into this sander.

What is a Random Orbit Sander?

An orbit sander is a handheld tool designed to smoothen surfaces with ease and trust us, it is. This specific one is different to your normal sander so it's important to make note of this. A Random Orbit Sander is different because they combine both the oscillating action WITH the addition of the rotating disk sander. How awesome can a product get, you got a 2-in-1!

Features & Benefits

  • 18V powered
  • 2Ah powered
  • Load speed of 12.000rpm
  • 1 hour fast charger
  • Hook and loop sanding pad included
  • Dust extraction port + dust bag!
  • Sealed ON/OFF switch
  • Ergonomic, vibration reducing over-moulded grips
  • Also includes 1x sanding disc

Wow... Imagine rocking this in front of your friends. Not bad for what it's worth huh? A powerful tool with great loadspeed, great charge time, included material and additionals like a dust extraction port! 


  • 125mm


  • Black / Blue ⚫🔵


Convinced enough to try it out? Well we hope so, it's a great piece of equipment for sanding purposes. Unlike other sanders, we have included additional pieces to give you the completed version of the puzzle. 

If this orbit sander is out of check, feel free to browse our other sanders to find the appropriate one for you. Click on the link below to do so:

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