Bond-It Tough and Durable 2 Part Wood Filler for Wood Type Repair


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SKU: BDWF2LO-6 Bond-It


Two part polyester resin wood filler - Bond-It

A tough, durable, two part wood filler based on polyester resin. Long lasting repair for all wood types.
- Can be stained, painted, varnished or dyed once cured.
- Chemical curing system – sets hard in 30 minutes to any depth.
- Sandable in 30 minutes.
- High strength; can be drilled, nailed, planed and carved once dry.
- Good movement capabilities to flex with wood. - No shrinking or cracking.
- Waterproof, suitable for internal and external application.

General wood filling of windowsills, frames, banisters, MDF and laminates, etc. Repairing wood damaged by wet rot in both internal and external locations. Repair damage and chips to parquet or laminate flooring, wooden furniture, etc.

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