Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint - Solar reflective paint for roofs


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Aluminium Reflective Paint

The Aluminium Solar Reflective Paint is a special type of paint designed for roofs. It acts as a light/heat reflector on your roofs dismissing heat gain. 

Solar Reflective Paint

This aluminium coating provides a high level of protection against solar degradation and heat gain whilst maintaining other key factors. The reflective paint is suitable for use over bituminous coatings, ages asphalt and primed steel. 

As a clear alternative, it's a superior version to chippings when applied in a two coat application. This reduces heat build-up and gives a reflective finish to bituminous coatings and primed steel. It can also be used for the refurbishment of aged steel roofing. In terms of application, this can be done using by a brush or mohair roller.

Benefits of the Aluminium Reflective Paint

  • Acts as a heat/light reflector on your roofs dismissing the heat gain.
  • Has suitable use for bituminous coatings, ages asphalt and primed steel.
  • Can be used for the refurbishment of ages steel roofing.
  • A much superior version to "chipping".
  • Application can be done simply using a brush or a mohair roller.


  • Silver

Other IMPORTANT information

  • Available in 2.5L and 5L 
  • Drying time is approximately 1 hour
  • Storage temperatures should be between 5 and 30 degrees C
  • Before application, please make sure the surface is as clean as possible

Additional Tips

When in the application stage, make sure you apply 2 coats, but only apply the second coat once the first is dry. It is best do to this as soon as possible. Do not apply when rain, frost or overnight dew are expected before the coating is fully dry, as bronzing of the surface may result if these conditions are not observed. Only apply when it's suitable for application ideally.

Over bituminous surfaces apply the thinnest coat necessary to obliterate the black colour of the bitumen coating for the first coat. The second coat should also be thin. Avoid the formation of pools.

These tips are not 100% needed but they will help you a lot better by giving you a smoother finish.