Black Butyl Sealant Tape


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SKU: FL310.2 Flowstrip


This Butyl Sealant is a high performance, rubber based butyl strip sealant.


This butyl tape is a solvent free cross linked butyl rubber extruded into a strip on a removable paper liner. It bonds well to most building materials, including polyethylene, forming a non-hardening permanently elastic joint which is extremely durable. Suitable for use as an adhesive/sealant for compression joints where vibration is experienced, and for non-load bearing bonding.


Other applications include:

  • Building – Joining DPC’s, cavity trays, reservoir/pond lining, water tank seams, bonding plastic parts and sheeting
  • Greenhouses – Joining insulation sheets, bonding glass to aluminium
  • Electrical – Bunch cables under outer casing, bond glass to frame in lighting
  • Commercial vehicles – Sealing sections, corner joints, roof struts, window openings
  • Roofing & Cladding – Joining underfelt membrane

Suitable for use as a gap-filling sealant in body-in-white applications on vehicles.



  • Air, dust & water seals in automotive & construction industry.
  • Bedding of trims, mouldings, windows & door frames in caravans & portable buildings.
  • Joining vapour barrier membranes, pond liners and DPCs.
  • OEM applications.
  • For use where a strong jointing sealant is required which offers excellent bonding characteristics.

Features and Benefits:

  • Outstanding service life
  • Quality assured to ISO 9001:2000
  • 1 year shelf life
  • Solvent free
  • Very low moisture vapour transmission rate - good forvapour barrier sealing.
  • Excellent track record of proven performance
  • Unrivalled performance across a wide range of industrial and specialist construction applications.