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Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes

These Multi-Purpose Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes can be used on hands and are also used for cleaning up various problems such as:

  • Adhesive
  • Sealant
  • Paint
  • Oil
  • Grease
  • Bitumen
  • Expanding Foam

and much more! Trade strength cleaning wipes, ideal in construction, maintenance, mechanics, engineering, workshops, painting & decorating and many other smaller areas such as printers, worktables etc.

This tub is fully sealable and contains either 100 or 300 multi-purpose anti-bacterial surface wipes that promote cleanliness and freshness. These are primarily used to remove dirty markings, leftover mess, or grime so please make sure to clear the mess as soon as possible.

One single wipe should do the job if used immediately for the best results. When using these anti-bacterial surface wipes, you will NOT need other common methods such as water, soap, towels and cleaners which is a much harder and lengthy process.

These multi-purpose anti-bacterial surface wipes can be left unused and wet for up to 12 months so do not worry about them rotting away in a cupboard somewhere if they are kept in dry and cool conditions.


Suitable as 'antibacterial hand wipes'

These 'antibacterial wipes' are also suitable on hands as ''antibacterial hand wipes'

Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes / Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipes

Bond-it Anti-bac wipes - (Sheet size) 200mm X 300mm. These handy sanitising hand and surface wipes are multipurpose, disposable & skin friendly. Used by builders and trades people, providing a waterless cleaning cloth. Multi-wipes are also great to wash your hands when there is no water is around.

Please be aware that anti-bacterial wipes can cause eye irritation even though it contains Aloe Vera which minimalizes the chances of getting irritation in the first place.

Anti-bacterial Wipes - Pack Sizes

100 Wipes

300 Wipes

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