Bond-It Clear Decking Oil for Treating Old and New Decking Boards


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Decking Oil (Clear)

A nourishing oil for treating old and new decking boards.

A ready-to-use nourishing oil that feeds wood and restores the natural oils lost through weathering. Provides a protective barrier against water penetration where constant weathering can cause swelling and warping. For use on untreated, previously oiled or weathered decking.
- Nourishes wood replacing natural oils
- Resistant to UV light
- Prevents mould and algae build-up
- Waterproofs preventing water ingress
- Leaves a natural looking finish
- For all types of garden decking.

Ensure that the decking is dry. Do not apply in wet conditions or if rain is imminent. Shake can thoroughly before use. Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to full application. Apply a flood coat using a good quality brush or roller. Apply a second coat once the first coat is dry (approx. 6 hours). Leave 24 hours before subjecting to foot traffic.