Easy Grip Post Shoe


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SKU: 376663 Toolstream


Easy Grip Post Shoe

A galvanised and powder-coated product with the intention for dual corrosion resistance. This should be used to bolt parts onto existing hard surfaces for maximum effect. 

This is very ideal for bolting and securing posts onto hard surfaces and specifically designed for a firm and easy grip hence the name. For heavy duty purposes, you can expect great support, leaving your project in a standing position. Powder-coated steel construction for hard wearing durability. Power-coated for solid protection.


  • Galvanised, ready-to-go product
  • Power-coated for solid safety and protection
  • Great for bolting and securing posts onto hard surfaces
  • Metal casing prevents moisture
  • Damaged posts can be easily replaced


Protected, safe, proven and effective. This product will easily help you secure posts whilst being protected for moisture and other existing presents.