Extendable Pruning Saw

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Extendable Pruning Saw

How tall are your trees? If you think they potentially hold the record, you're gonna need this! 

What is an Extendable Pruning Saw?

An Extendable Pruning Saw is used to cut branches down without getting up close to them. This pruning saw has an extendable features that allows you to be versatile with your plan, you can extend this pole from 1.5 to 2.5m (1 whole meter!). This gives you a lot more range and accuracy, allowing you to chop down those branches without the safety hazards you would possibly have if you were up there.

What are the benefits of this Extendable Pruning Saw?

Some are new, some were previously mentioned...

  • It's a heavy duty extendable pruning saw with a tri-cut blade
  • You can extend the pruning saw from 1.5m to 2.5m giving you a whole extra meter
  • With the extendable feature, you are more safe and have better accuracy
  • The pole sections lock in place for extra safety
  • The durable triple ground blade is shaped for easier branch cutting
  • Nice and simple to use and be effective with

With 6 key benefits, how can you go wrong? It's surely worth a try - those branches won't cut themselves.


  • 1.5m - 2.5m

You don't need to be at the minimum nor maximum, but you can go anywhere in-between without excruciating hassle due to the products ease of use. 


As shown on the pictures, you can see the extendable pruning saw in action, as well as its true length. If you think your tree is tougher than normal, don't worry - the blade attached is a tri-cut blade (super strong blade).