Fix 'N' Grout Ready Mixed Tiling Adhesive


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SKU: BDTA10 Bond-It


A Ready Mixed Adhesive for Sticking and Grouting

A ready mixed adhesive paste for sticking and grouting ceramic wall tiles.

White, Mixed and Ready to use...

A brilliant white, ready mixed adhesive paste, for use as a thin-bed waterproof ceramic wall tile adhesive and joint filling grout. Suitable for fixing all types of ceramic wall tiles, including mosaics, porcelain and vitrified tiles in internal locations. CE approved.

Where can this be used?

For use in bathrooms, kitchens and shower areas, where the tile surface is subject to frequent wetting, but not total water immersion. Can be applied to gypsum plaster, cement fibre board, existing tiles, cement render, timber panels and plywood composite boards. Recommended for use in areas such as shower/changing rooms, power showers, work tops and any tiled wall surface which is subject to persistent humidity or frequent wetting. The dual purpose application properties of Fix 'N' Grout make it particularly suited to small area DIY applications and localised repairs. Note: Not recommended for use with large format tiles.

EN12004 Type D2

Colour: Brilliant White