Flexible Silicone, Grout & Sealant Smoother


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Flexible Grout & Sealant Smoother

Do you need a cheap, effective sealant smoother tool?

What is a Grout & Sealant Silicone?

A grout and sealant silicone smoother is used for smoothing most household sealants, silicones, fillers, grout and putty. It makes messy surfaces a lot cleaner as you would expect which gives you high cleanliness afterwards. This tool ensures a smooth, even fill and neat finish.

What are the benefits of this Grout & Sealant Tool?

  • Flexible, lightweight and easy to use
  • Small, portable and simple to learn
  • Cheap, highly effective and high cleanliness
  • Smooths sealants, silicones, fillers, grout and putty
  • Moulded plastic-handled tool with a flexible tip

For so little money, you get so much more back... It's a no brainer for us! 

Size(s) & Quantity(s)

  • 145mm x 1 sealant smoother

Quite short in length meaning it's portable, lightweight and easy to use.


  • Primarily 🔵 with the tip being grey


Flexible grout & sealant smoother is a small, portable and effective tool that can lay out flat various things like sealants, silicones, fillers, grout and putty. As it is only 145mm in size, it makes you go slowly but smoothly ensuring a consistent flat surface compared to the bigger ones. It has a clear purpose, clear benefits and a clear problem-solver.