Flexistrip Security Glazing Butyl Tape


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Flexistrip Butyl Tape is the market leading load bearing security glazing strip used for installing double glazed units, laminated glass and single glass into windows and doors in exterior and interior situations.

Combining superior performance, durability, security and ease of use with a neat and an instantly overpaintable finish, Flexistrip glazing tape fulfils the many requirements of factory glaziers, site glaziers and specifiers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Suitable for both non-drained and drained & ventilated frames.
  • Excellent finish - does not require capping
  • Eliminates need for distance pieces - quick to apply
  • Can be overcoated immediately with solvent/water borne paints and stains
  • Immediate application onto coated timber - no special primers required.
  • Superior load bearing characteristics - can accommodate wind loads up to 2000pa when used in the B6 System
  • Durable material - service life in excess of 20 years depending on conditions
  • Enhanced security - suitable for use under Secured by Design Scheme when used in the B6 System


  • For installing single glass and double glazed units into timber windows and doors on site or in the factory.
  • For installing all glass types, including laminated, solar control, low emissivity, toughened, polycarbonates and Pilkington ACTIV.
  • For installing double glazed units and single glass into steel windows.
  • For internally and externally beaded frames.

Bespoke widths and sizes are avaiable upon request.