Non-Dissolving Foil Safe Solvent Cleaner for Plasticised uPVC


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SKU: BDC007-12 Bond-It


A non-dissolving cleaner for use on unplasticised uPVC profiles and profiles covered by foils.

A non-flammable, user friendly formulation that is ideal for the safe and effective removal of uncured PU foam, uncured silicone, label/foil protection adhesive deposits, wax, pen, wet bitumen products, sealing compounds, and general dust, dirt, grime and debris. NOTE: If Foil Safe is being used to prepare areas prior to the application of sealant or adhesive, ensure that all residue is removed as this could hinder adhesion.

Shake before use. Apply using a clean, dry, non staining, soft cloth apply Foil Safe to the surface and rub clean. For very soiled, engrained or stubborn deposits a further application maybe required perhaps applying slight pressure.