High Performing Building Chemical Frostproofer & Rapid Hardener


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SKU: BDH030 Bond-It


A chloride-free frostproofer and rapid hardener for use with mortars in freezing conditions.

A high performance building chemical that increases frost resistance and accelerates setting time of cement by improving the rate of hydration.Specially developed for brick laying and rendering, etc. at low and sub-zero temperatures. Added to the mix, this product will improve workability and increase strength gain and resistance to water penetration. It allows up to a 15% reduction of gauging water, and can also reduce curing times and shrinkage. Will not degrade steelwork or wall tiles as formulation is chloride-free. CE Approved.

EN934-2 (2009)

Add to cement mix. Reduce the amount of gauging water as appropriate (maximum reduction 15%). At temperatures below 4°C the use of hot water is recommended.