Glue Monster Superglue Activator

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Glue Monster Superglue Activator - bond-it

The Superglue Activator is a special type designed to bond on difficult surfaces such as slightly acidic materials whilst also preventing penetration. Overall, this type of superglue improves the cure of adhesive fillets. Speeds strength development to permit immediate use of the part.

Why is the Superglue Activator so special?

  • Works on difficult surfaces such as slightly acidic materials (one example)
  • Works to prevent penetration on all sides
  • Works as a speedy, strong development enabling immediate use 

Application Process & Storage Conditions

When dealing with difficult surfaces, make sure to apply the activator first. For fillets, apply the Superglue first. That's it, seriously.

This will then improve the bonding to different surfaces and prevent the penetration described, whilst maintaining it's fast and strong approach. Stains may not be visible for several hours - this is normal so don't panic!

Regarding the storage conditions of the Superglue Activator, it is important that this product is kept in cool, dry conditions below the temperature of 25 degrees cel. This includes keeping out the way of sunlight. 

Other Information on the Superglue Activator

Want to hear about the sizes, colours and shelf life? We have this below:


  • 12 cans x 200ml
  • 12 cans x 400ml

How much do you need?


  • Clear

Sadly, there is only one colour for this product but it's worth it for what it does!

Shelf Life

  • 24 months from the date from manufactured 

A fast, strong, problem-solving product with a colourless liquid plus a very long shelf life giving you enough time to wait until usage as long as conditions listed above are met.


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