Heavy Duty Seal It Reinforcement Mat


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Seal It Reinforcement Mat

A heavy duty, spunbond polyester mat which is tear and puncture resistant. For use with Seal It Liquid Membrane system.

Product Description

Used in conjunction with Seal It Liquid Membrane:- heavy duty spunbond polyester; tear and puncture resistant; improves strength; rapid repair for blisters, splits and tears in existing substrates prior to coating.


Temperature during application of primer must be above 5oC. Apply a single coat of Seal it Primer to the surface with a brush or roller. Follow coverage rate to ensure minimum thickness is achieved. Leave to fully cure, normally overnight, in cold weather it may require 48 hours to fully cure. White patches in the film indicate it requires more drying time. It is essential that bituminous materials are completely covered with Seal It Primer prior to application of Seal It Liquid Membrane. Particular care must be given to rough surfaces such as bitumen felt, where any gaps in primer coverage can lead to product failure. Two coats of Seal It Primer are required on uneven surfaces and over waterbased bitumen coatings. Allow each coat to dry fully before overcoating.

Continue with the application of Seal It Liquid Membrane or Easiseal Pro as per the Technical Datasheet/packaging details. It is recommended that Seal It Reinforcing Mat is bedded into the Seal It Liquid Membrane to extend the lifespan of the product over bitumen substrates.