HT30 Acetic Curing Silicone Sealant for High Temperature use


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SKU: BDHT30BL-12 Bond-It


A high temperature silicone sealant.

A ready-to-use, acetic curing, silicone sealant. Specifically designed for high temperature use, it is UV resistant and weatherproof. After curing HT30 will resists temperatures of 250°C permanently and up to 300°C for short periods.
- High Temperature resistance up to 300°C.
- Mildew Resistant.
- UV resistant and weatherproof.

Generally used for sealing joints which are exposed to high temperatures, i.e. connections on ovens, heating systems, machines, car bodies (vicinity of engines), etc. It can be applied to glass, ceramic tiles, enamel, epoxy paint and polyester. It can also be used with nylon, ABS, metals and polyester in immersion or humid heat, however, a primer may be required.