LevelMaster Rapid Cementitious Floor Compound


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Internal and External Cementitious Compound

One part, rapid setting, flexible interior and exterior latex floor levelling compound.

Product Description

A protein-free, one part, premium grade internal and external cementitious floor levelling compound suitable for use at thickness form 3mm to 50mm (can be bulked up to 60mm with the addition of chippings). When mixed with water it can be used to level floors providing an ideal base for most floor types.

  • Self smoothing.
  • Sets in 30 minutes
  • Flexible
  • Single Pack
  • Preblended, requiring only addition of water
  • Apply thicknesses of 3mm to 50mm
  • Interior and extrior use


May be used over properly prepared: concrete and cement based substrates; calcium sulphate (gypsum) screeds (sanded and vacuumed); old ceramic tiles, natural stone, terrazzo; old water-resistant adhesive residues; new mastic asphalt screeds; old mastic asphalt - refer to datasheet

Pour mixed compound onto the prepared surface and trowel to a smooth finish. Do not mix more than can be laid in 15 minutes. Never add extra water to this product once it has started to set. For higher layer thicknesses contact with vertical surfaces should be avoided by using edging strip. Edge, interior and movement joints in the floor should not be covered by Rapid Level 30 Floor Leveller and should be closed with suitable measures. Do not use at temperatures below 5oC. Will accept light foot traffic after approx. 30 minutes.

Colour: Grey

Size: 20KG