Bond-It Mitre Kit High Strength Bonding Adhesive & Accelerator


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Mitre Kit Adhesive 

Mitre Kit Adhesive - Bond-It - A high strength bonding system comprising a cyanoacrylate adhesive with an aerosol activator to ensure full and rapid curing on acid surfaces. Can be used for bonding MDF, wood, rubber and most plastics.

Instant bonding properties considerably reduce assembly times for mitre joints especially where precision instant bonding is required. Cures in approximately 10 seconds. Pack includes 1 tin of Activator (200ml) and 1 bottle of HVC Superglue (50g).


Spray aerosol lightly over one face of the joint and allow to dry. If possible, use on the least visible face of the completed joint. Apply activator to one surface and allow solvent to evaporate. Apply adhesive to the other surface and then bring together immediately.  Apply gentle pressure.

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