Cleaning Spray for Removing Mould, Mildew, Lichen and Organic Growth


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SKU: BDH071-12 Bond-It


Mould Removing Cleaning Grade

A premium grade, powerful cleaning agent formulated to remove mould, mildew, organic growth and lichen, etc

Removes all types of organic growth, algae, etc. from brick concrete, wood, tarmacadam, painted surfaces, decking, garden furniture, paviours, plastic and glass. Can also be used on fabric awnings. Can be applied internally and externally. Removes and eradicates organic growth. Suitable for use on wood, concrete, plastic, stone and tarmac. Easy to use – just apply and leave to dry. Ideal for use at home, in the garden, for caravans and boats, public walk areas, in farm yards, kennels and stables. HSE Approved: Certificate No 9828.

Use product neat, no need for dilution. Apply using either a spray, soft broom, paint brush or watering can. Apply and leave to dry to allow product to reach full strength. Kills mould and algae within 2-3 days of application and prevents re-growth for many months.