Multi-Purpose Low Tack Protection Tape - Blue or Clear


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SKU: SP601-0050100-CLEAR-12 STICK2


What is Low Tack Protection Tape?

A removable multi-purpose protection tape suitable for short term protection of a variety of hard surfaces such as hardwood, laminated floors, acrylic, metal, PVC, marble, vinyl, ceramic tiles, wood, glass & counter tops.

This low tack general purpose protection tape is quick and easy to apply while removing cleanly without leaving residue, making it suitable for use in the home and workplace for a variety of different protection applications.

Most commonly used to protect surfaces against dirt, scratches and tool marks while the surrounding surfaces are being worked on, especially in manufacturing and construction applications where surfaces can be easily damaged.

Features and Benefits:

  • This protection tape protects against scatches, paint drips, mud and construction debris
  • Easily applied and easily removable
  • Low Tack
  • Leaves no residue when removed

Bespoke Sizes available on request