Non-Adhesive Hazard Warning Barrier Tape - Red/White


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SKU: SP952-072500-RW-60 Flowstrip


Red and White Hazard Warning Tape

We've all seen this red and white tape before used to prevent you from entering a hazardous or dangerous zone so why not join the hazard warning party?

What is this Hazard Warning Barrier Tape?

To start with, this tape is a non-adhesive type - a barrier tape with diagonal stripes for better visibility and known pattern. Tapes like these are primarily used for highlighting or cordoning off areas of potential hazard or risk in the workplace or on site. 

This tape is also suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is supplied in a handy dispenser carton for ease of use. 


  • 70mm x 500m 


  • Red / White


This hazardous warning tape does exactly what is sounds like it does, but is long, cheap and vibrant in colour. Simply getting one roll could prevent potential disaster - who knows the future?