Greenhouse, Polytunnel & Outdoor Weatherproofing Repair Tape


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SKU: SP700-005025-CLEAR-24 STICK2


Outdoor Weatherproofing Tape is a clear UV stabilised transparent polyethylene tape perfect for all weather repair in greenhouse and polytunnel repair applications. It has good initial tack and excellent holding power making it ideal for demanding outdoor applications where resistance to the elements is required.

Outdoor Weatherproofing Tape features high resistance to humidity, water, salt water and direct sunlight along with having excellent adhesion, meaning it can even be applied in very cold conditions where most outdoor tapes are likely to fail.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect for all weather repair to Greenhouses & Polytunnels
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Performs well at low temperatures
  • Also suitable as a Hockey Stick protection tape

Price is based on one carton;

50mm - 24 rolls

75mm - 16 rolls

100mm - 12 rolls

150mm - 8 rolls

200mm - 4 rolls

300mm - 4 rolls