Patio Slab Sealer for Protection of Patios and Paving Slabs from Water Oil and Dirt


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A Patio Slab Sealer 

Patioseal is a product that is specifically designed to protect your patio or paving slabs from different elements such as water penetration, oil/grease spillages and dirt/grime  build-up. This patio slab sealer will do everything to protect your paths and patios from being altered or in the worst of cases, destroyed. 

As a premium grade, you can expect the highest of protection due to it's strong characteristics. This paving slab sealer does a lot more than simply protect, it will greatly extend the lifespan of you block paving whilst having improved water resistance and UV resistance. It is also resistant towards mould.

Benefits of the Patio Slab Sealer

  • Defends against water, oil, grease, dirt and grime build-up
  • Premium level guaranteeing high effectiveness
  • Greatly extends the lifespan of your slabs
  • Improved water resistance and UV resistance
  • Retards mould growth  
  • Low Odour
  • Solvent Free Formulation
  • Easy Cleaning

What can I use my Paving Slab Sealer on?

There's actually a wide ranging on different surfaces, including some unfamiliar ones. The list below will give you some examples:

  • Concrete
  • Paving Slabs
  • Brickwork
  • Indian Slabstones
  • Stone

If the surface you need was not listed above, we recommend you either search for this, email us or phone us. Details at the bottom of the page. 

How do I apply the Patio Slab Sealer?

The application of this product is quite simple, making it an easy pick-up for most. To begin with, you must shake before use to make sure it's not choppy when coming out. When the Patioseal is ready, ensure a dry surface and apply this using either a brush, roller or squeegee. If done correctly, no ponding will occur giving you high level effectiveness for essentially, no hard work. 

You will only want to do a single coat application as too much can be bad. Please also note that applying the paving slab sealer when the ground is wet will end with bad or worsened results than hoped. This also applies to conditions where high humidity or rain is imminent. A sunny say is preferred. 

If the weather decides to be mean whilst you're in the process of application, ensure you cover it up until it's fully dry.


  • Ready to use & Easy to apply
  • Shake before use
  • One coat application on a dry surface using a brush, roller or squeegee
  • Leave to dry and see results


  • Highly recommended to apply only on dry surfaces
  • Do NOT apply if the weather is raining or has high humidity
  • A sunny day is most preferred
  • If negative weather arrives during application, try your best to cover it up