Piddle Pads - Absorbent Puppy Training Pads - 100 per pack


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Piddle Pads are super absorbent liners that can be used as puppy training pads or to use as dog carrier liners for a trip to the vets just incase your pooch cannot hold it in any longer. Also ideal to use for travelling as protection for against accidents anywhere you go and for whoever you pay a visit with your best friend. Piddle Pads are more than just a puppy house training pad !!

What makes Piddle Pads so special ??

* They include polymer technology for super-absorbency

* The quilted finish means they are super quick drying 

* Sealed edges prevent leaks 

How to house train your puppy with Piddle Pads 

Setting up the Piddle Pad

1/ Select an area that is easy accessible to your puppy

2/ Remove the Piddle Pad from the bag and unfold accordingly 

3/ Place the Piddle Pad on the floor making sure the white padded area is face up

When to use the Piddle Pad 

After meals, sleep and when the puppy has had some excitement, such as play time

Training and use of the Piddle Pad 

1/ Place your puppy on the Piddle Pad, using the same simple command every time, such as "pee pee"

2/ If unsuccessful, let the puppy move away. After a few minutes lead the puppy back to their Puppy Pad

3/ In the event that your puppy starts to go in the wrong area, say "no" firmly and lead them to their Piddle Pad

4/ Once successful, give your puppy a treat and congratulate them with the same words every time, such as "clever dog" - the praise and treat will show them that the Piddle Pad is the right area to relieve themselves 

Available Sizes:

60cm x 40cm - 100 per box

75cm x 57cm - 100 per box