Bond It Plasterers Pregrit Internal Plaster Bonding Agent


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A ready-to-use internal plaster bonding agent. 

A ready-to-use internal plaster bonding agent with added aggregate to provide a key prior to plastering on smooth surfaces. Pros of the plasterers pregrit include:
- Bonding agent for smooth surfaces.
- Contains sand/aggregate to provide plaster key.
- Ready-to-use, one coat application.
- Perfect for use on smooth substrates.
- Pigmented yellow to identify treated areas.
- Phthalate free formulation.

As a primer/bonding agent aid prior to plastering on surfaces such as concrete, plaster and difficult, low or non-porous substrates. For internal use only, this product is not suitable for external applications. Apply by brush or roller.

With such a strong and effective purpose, this plasterers pregrit will be the cure to your problems giving off great results. It's also yellow, what's not to love?

Available in 5L or 10L

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Colour: Yellow

Exterior Pregrit Builders Complete