Post Hole Digger


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The Post Hole Digger

A simple product with a simple purpose, the post hole digger is designed for easy soil penetration and to help do this, the digger has pressed and hardened steel blades for better impact.

What are the numbers to this Post Hole Digger?

  • 300 x 150mm blades
  • 5" / 125mm posts
  • 3kg in weight
  • 1200mm hardwood handles

How effective is this Post Hole Digger?

Thanks to the hardened steel blades, it's pretty damn effective. The blade design was specifically made to reduce the level of backfill needed which is a great plus! Overall, it's just a great hole digger tool.

What are the benefits of the Post Hole Digger?

  • Designed for easy soil penetration
  • Pressed and hardened steel blades for better impact
  • Hardwood handles WITH pinch protector
  • Dome-end, lacquered
  • Easy to use and highly effective progression

Like previously said, a simple product with a simple purpose is all you need to fulfil your tasks successfully and with great precision.